Flights to Australia

Flights to Australia

Flights to Australia – Which flight destination?

You should pick your Australia flight destination according to the areas you are visiting and where you plan to spend most of the time. If you plan to cover a vast area of Australia, start your travel in Australia from one airport and leave home from a different port of departure. If your travel itinerary is going in a loop, the arrival and departure will be at the same airport. Another factor influencing your flight destinations is the time available and the season you intend to travel to Australia.

October to June is the best period to visit the southern part of Australia, and cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, or Sydney may get quite busy. June- September is the best time for getting good flight deals. But again, it depends on where you are heading; in tropical Australia, the northern part of Australia, it will get very busy during these months, and therefore, it won’t be easy to find a good flight bargain to the Northern part of the country.

December and Christmas time is too busy and therefore better to avoid. If you wish to visit Australia this year, book a long time ahead for a fair, good flight price. I recommend visiting Australia during a more relaxed time, such as March-April or September-October.

Flights to Australia – Which Airlines

Among the several flight airlines, a few get the best recommendation from most travelers, as well as good value for money, as well as great service and comfort onboard! You can view the list here below:

Singapore Air

Malaysia Airlines


Air New Zeland

Royal Brunei is another good airline company offering great flight deals to Australia; they fly from Frankfurt and London to different destinations in Australia. Qantas, also known as “the flying kangaroo,” is the airline that can offer the best valuable flight offer to Australia in terms of flexibility and variety of choice. Still, according to a traveler survey outcome on this airline, the opinion about Qantas is divided into excellent feedback and less good ones. If you wish to view the ranking of all airline companies that fly to Australia, visit SkyTrax.

How to find Cheap Flights to Australia

Depending on where you are leaving from, how flexible your schedule is, where you are going, and how you will get around once you are there, the price for your ticket may vary considerably. And because of the long distance, your flight may be the biggest expense of your whole trip, so it is wise to shop around a good time ahead and look for a good bargain to ensure you always get the best Australia flight deals!

Flight Search and Flight Booking

According to an estimate, only 30% of travelers book online their flight to Australia. More than 2/3 ask a travel agency to find the best flight fare or travel package for them. Another good site for comparing flight fares from over 200 sites is the metasearch engine KAYAK; you can access their site by clicking the link below.

Australian City Airports

No matter how long you are staying in Australia, you will use the plane at least once, and you may want to check how to get there and what options are available. I came across this site; this is a useful link to the city airports in Australia: you can check your flight timetable and transport connection to your destinations at any time.