Germany Travel Guide

Germany Travel Guide

Why do you want to know more about Germany? Are you curious about your German heritage? Are you flirting about traveling to Germany, or must you fly out tonight?

If so, then you’ll love this German travel guide. That’s because you’ll discover amazing facts, insights, and travel tips you won’t find in any travel guide. This Germany travel guide has been designed to help you make snap decisions on planning your trip to Germany. As you’ll notice below, you’ll see a section for booking flights, hotels, rentals, tours, and so on. Everything you need to set up your trip to Germany is here.

Your German heritage is precious; let this travel guide help you celebrate it.

Book your Flights

Hints on Booking Your Flight to Germany

You’ve made your vacation decision – German, here you come! Land of history, culture, and celebrations!

But before you can step foot in this amazing country, you must get there, which entails booking a flight.

Below, we’ll look at a few hints on getting good deals and saving time while you plan your itinerary from your hometown to the German borders.

1. Buy Your Tickets Early

If you know you’ll leave for Germany in six months, start trolling the discount airfare websites now. There are many of them, and you should check prices daily. You’ll be able to snag an excellent rate eventually.

2. Leave from a Major Airport Hub

Live close to Philly or LAX? Don’t add a “puddle jumper” leg to your trip! Instead, drive your car to the nearest major airport you can. Often, you’ll get better airfare deals than if you left from a smaller take-off point with fewer flights in and out. It’s even better to get someone to watch your car for you to avoid paying fees to store your car in the airport parking garage during your German vacation.

3. Call the Airlines Directly

Some people have gotten excellent rates by calling the airlines themselves. This takes a bit of grit, and you have to know already what a “good deal” would look like. Still, it’s worth a shot to save a few hundred dollars.

4. Join a Tour Group

Many times, tour groups can obtain decent airfare and overnight accommodation rates, so check around for opportunities in your area. You don’t necessarily have to follow the tour’s itinerary, either; just be sure you’re around whenever the group travels from one major German center to another. By being patient and savvy, you can ensure that you save your money for souvenirs and memorable adventures, not airplane tickets.

Book your Hotel

Tips for Booking Your Lodging in Germany

If you’re headed for Germany, you’ll need to find a place (or many places) to spend the nights during your trip.

However, you might be concerned about how to get a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Never fear! Here, we’ll look at a few tips for snagging deals and resting easy while staying in this historic country.

1. Ask Friends for Suggestions

One of the best ways to gather information on decent lodging accommodations in Germany is to ask those who have been there. Give some friends a call or join a travel-related chat group and ask for recommendations. After all, who are you more likely to believe? A friend, colleague, or loved one, or a brochure?

2. Check Websites

That being said, there is nothing wrong with educating yourself via the

Internet. Though it isn’t a good idea to go entirely on what a website says about its rooms and amenities (you’ll want at least a “second opinion”), you can find out a lot about a place when you visit its cyber “storefront.” And if the website isn’t available in English, that might tell you that you’re better off knowing some German if you decide to stay there.

3. Have a Friend Who Knows German Make Some Calls

Know someone who speaks German well enough to talk on the telephone with a bed and breakfast owner or hotel manager? Promise him or her lunch or dinner, and have your friend make a few phone calls on your behalf. He or she might even get you a great deal on a room; often, it’s easier to negotiate this way or find out about unadvertised “specials.”

4. Keep a Map Handy

No matter what method you use to find out about available rooms in Germany, always keep a map on hand. That way, you’ll know exactly how close you’ll be to the airport, city center, and/or cultural locations. By considering these ideas, you can score a terrific room or suite that will make your German experience even more pleasant.