Tourist Attractions In Iraq

Tourist Attractions In Iraq

Iraq is a country that boasts of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Its heritage and culture are rich in color. Though it has seen terrible fighting and instability for a long time, its spirit comes from the ancient, deep-seated wisdom of its glorious past.

The desert almost covers western Iraq and is arid. Mountains mark the northeast region of Iraq. The Tigris and Euphrates are the two major rivers running through the country, and fertile land rests around the banks of these rivers. Abbasid palace, dating back to the 13th century, resides on the banks of the Tigris River near Baghdad. The remnants of this palace are truly spectacular, and its architecture is admirable.

Also in Baghdad is the Kadhimimain Mosque, one of Baghdad’s biggest and holiest mosques. A visit to all mosques is restricted to time and clothing. One must cover the head, and women should especially dress modestly.

Tourist Attractions In Iraq

Baghdad also boasts many museums filled with artifacts and treasures of a rich past. Sadly, These are depleted today, and many went missing during the raids and lootings. But a visit to the Iraqi Museum, the Baghdad Museum, and the Museum of Pioneer Arts is still necessary. The Iraqi museum still has some ancient artifacts dating back to the Mesopotamian era. Baghdad Museum is famous for its depiction of Iraqi society and living. The Museum of Arts is a traditional house that displays paintings and sculptures dating before the mid-twentieth century. Though these treasures have been rampaged upon through recent times, they speak of a time of inherent wealth of culture.

One of the Seven Wonders of the World is also in Iraq and should not be missed. The hanging gardens of Babylon are situated in modern-day Al Hillah, Babil. Situated in the plains near Euphrates, the garden was built in 600 BC by King Nebuchadnezzar II. He built these gardens to please his wife, who lusted for the lush greenery of her native Persia. Modern irrigation techniques, unheard of in those days, were implemented to create a vast expanse of heavenly lushness. Though none of its splendor remains today, the site is a tourist attraction.

The ancient Sumerian city of Ur remains is also a sight to visit in Iraq. Dating back to 4000 BC, some of the buildings exhibit architecture that is spectacular for its age. Another ancient civilization splendor to watch out for is the Arch of Ctesiphon, which has been standing through the ages since the third century BC. It is part of the oldest of the world civilizations, and the arch remains the only standing testimony of a past of path-breaking science and spectacular architecture.

Iraq, in its natural glory, is generously endowed. A trip to the northern borders can be taken to explore the glorious mountains that mark its territory. The marshes near the rivers can also be explored for their wide and varied fauna – especially water birds.

All the fighting and bloodshed could not mar Iraq’s beauty, which can be experienced if you visit the country.

Accommodation In Iraq

Once the epicenter of trade and business activity, the last fifty years of unrest have left Iraq shattered. The economy has suffered massive losses, and there was no growth to speak of for a long time. Things are looking up now, and a rise in the economy is expected to revive tourism as well.

Travel to Iraq is restricted, and tourism is at an all-time low. It is not surprising, then, that there are very few options for accommodation in Iraq. Most hotels are in the capital city of Baghdad. While Baghdad had many five-star accommodations available in the past, there are few to speak of now.

Booking for all accommodations should be done well in advance, as there are not many hotels available, and all of them require filling out certain security mandates before they can allot rooms. It is best to fulfill these in advance and reach the hotel without worrying about getting a room.

There are budget hotels to choose from, too, but they provide decent services. The security mandates exist for them, too, and booking should be done in advance.

Most taxis travel to and fro from these hotels to the airport. The hotels also form the epicenter of travel within the city. Be it the tourist attractions around the city or a trip to the nearest bazaars or traditional markets; the hotel personnel should be able to guide you. On a rare occasion, you may also find a willing guide from the hotel to take you around the city’s sights. It helps to have a local with you in a strange city, especially in Baghdad. The hotel personnel may even guide you on other important guidelines, like modest clothing and other social dictates of Arab society.

Many hotels also have varied cuisines as a part of their service, which should be a mouth-watering treat for the guests. Those who don’t have restaurants may guide the tourists to special places where they recommend having excellent food and drink.

These hotels only have a little more entertainment besides an occasional restaurant, for nightlife is almost nonexistent in Iraq. Consumption of liquor has to be discreet. With the strict mandates of the Arab society and security reasons, one can do little in the evening. If you find the hotel of your choice, you can spend your evenings exploring the cuisine it offers or socialize with co-guests.

It is without doubt that Iraq has a lot to offer. As and when Iraq becomes a stable and secure nation, it is expected to gain back its fame as a country of varied charm and history. Keeping this in mind, many hotels and other accommodations for tourists are planned for the major cities of Baghdad. With time, Iraq is hopeful of welcoming guests with open arms.