Travel Gryon, Switzerland

Travel Gryon, Switzerland

An informative travel piece on Gryon Switzerland describing where to go and what to do when visiting Switzerland.

If you are a skier or snowboarder who craves fresh powder, huge mountains, and good company, there is a perfect place for you. If you are a traveler who appreciates a full day of activity and enjoys a place where you can put your feet up, Gryon, Switzerland, is your place.

Gryon is a small ski town surrounded by a theater of the Swiss Alps. This little city is just one of the small ski towns along the Dents du Midi ridge. The city offers many activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, hiking, and shopping.

To get to Gryon, it is best to go by train. The Eurail takes you practically to the back door, and then you take a tram into town. The best place to stay in Gryon is the Chalet Martin. Chalet Martin is located about a fourth of a mile from the tram stop, an easy walking distance with luggage. The prices per bed are very reasonable, starting at 25 francs per night.

The chalet is a four-story Swiss cabin functioning in “family style.” The setup of the chalet is very convenient. Most of the sleeping rooms are on the third and fourth floors. Downstairs, there are two main rooms for hanging out: a sun room, a movie room, and a fully functioning kitchen. But remember, if you are making anything that smells remotely edible, make extra because, somehow, everyone ends up in the kitchen trying to steal a bite.

If you can stay in the rooms in the attic, you definitely want to. Even though the skylights let in the sun at about six every morning, it is worth looking at the stars as you fall asleep.

The environment revolves around relaxing with friends. In every corner and shelf, you find board games, books, and puzzles for use. The chalet also provides sheets, showers, and even entertainment, such as wine tasting at your convenience.

If you plan to ski or snowboard, the chalet provides all the needed equipment. This place offers great deals on rentals and will fit all your equipment for free. They also lease ski clothing in all sizes if you need any extra attire.

To buy lift tickets for skiing, you can take the tram or walk ten minutes up the road. A one-day pass for the lower part of the mountains is 44 francs; if you want to go up to the glacier, it’s 53 francs.

All of the runs on the mountain are well-groomed with clear paths. Beware if you are a beginner skier to avoid the T-bar lifts. It’s hard when you are learning to stand on two long pieces of fiberglass to add in a long pole with a disk you sit on to pull you up the mountain. If you hit it off with the chalet owners, you might even get a private tour of the slopes.

If you are not the skiing or snowboarding type, there is still plenty to experience in Gryon. One of the activities I found most rewarding was hiking.

If you have most of the day, I suggest hiking to Solalex. It is not very strenuous but still has breathtaking scenery. It takes approximately five hours roundtrip. At the top of the trail, you can find a small restaurant with an array of Swiss dishes and desserts. The path is a little tricky to find, but if you ask for directions at the chalet, anyone will be more than willing to help.

Depending on how long you stay,, I suggest just hanging around in Gryon or the neighboring town of Villars for a day. There are plenty of small boutiques to shop in, and you can even participate in the Olympic sport of curling on the local ice rink.

Some of the best memories in Switzerland will take place at the chalet. Baking in the huge kitchen and sleeping in the cozy attic make this snowy vacation memorable. Take your time to get to know the owners and locals who live there; they have great stories and a wealth of information to offer.