Guide to Visiting the Ukraine

A Guide to Visiting the Ukraine, Including Flights and Hotels

A guide to traveling and holidays in Ukraine with interesting facts, places to stay, including Kyiv and Yalta, and flights to Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe and gained independence with the collapse of the former Soviet Union in 1991. Russia borders the east of Ukraine, and the countries share close ties. Ukraine borders several other countries, including Poland, Belarus, and Romania. To the country’s south is the Crimean peninsula, which the Black Sea borders.

Facts about Ukraine, including the Yalta Conference

Ukraine has a rich and interesting history, and with an estimated population of over forty million people, the country has a diverse culture. Strong links remain with Russia, especially in the east, with Ukrainian and Russian as the major languages. In contrast, the country’s west is much closer to the rest of Europe. The national currency is Hryvnya, but US dollars are also a major currency.

Crimea, in the country’s south, also has close links with Russia, with the main Russian fleet still based in the naval town of Sevastopol. Crimea was at the heart of a dark time in Ukrainian history, with Stalin deporting Crimean Tartans to Asia during World War II. Crimea also played a key role in ending World War II when Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill met in Yalta at the Yalta Conference to discuss the post-war reorganization.

Flights to Ukraine

Daily flights from London Heathrow and London Gatwick in the United Kingdom fly to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and land at Borispol Airport. The flight from the UK takes approximately three and a half hours with flights operated by both British Airways and Ukraine International Airlines, the national carrier. Currently, a visa is optional for British tourists entering the country.

For tourists traveling from the USA, flights operate from many airports, including New York, Florida, and San Francisco. Flights from both countries are also available to other destinations in Ukraine, such as Odesa and Simferopol. However, for the vast majority of tourists, the capital of Ukraine is the first destination.

Ukraine Places to Stay and What to See

The first stop for most visitors to Ukraine is the capital, Kyiv. Also known as Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital has much to offer tourists. Situated on the river Dnipro, the city has a wealth of botanical gardens, theatres, shopping, and beautiful architecture to cater to all tastes. The Golden Gate and the Andriyivsky Uzviz, a famous street steeped in history, are the most popular sights. Hotels catering for all budgets are readily available in the capital.

Crimea is a must for two distinct reasons. The Crimean peninsula is a stunning vista on the Black Sea, with Sudak and Yalta particular highlights. Yalta is a major tourist attraction because it plays such a significant role in the outcome of World War II with the Yalta conference. Yalta is also a beautiful coastal town that is a regular destination for cruise ships, along with Odesa, on the east coast of Ukraine.