Kaanapali Beach: Hawaii Vacations

Kaanapali Beach: Hawaii Vacations

Kaanapali Beach is my favorite beach in the world. There are no snakes, people speak English, and it is part of the US – so no hassles, good people, nice sand, gorgeous place.

If it were up to me, Kaanapali Beach is the best beach in America. Kaanapali is the best beach in the world, even though I haven’t seen every beach.

Honest Beauty

Why do I like Kaanapali, Hawaii? As long as you pay attention to rough surf warnings, Kaanapali is a safe beach.

  • Kaanapali has no crocodiles (aka Salties) or killer jellyfish-like places in Queensland, Australia.
  • Kaanapali has no scary snakes like areas in Central and South America. There are no snakes in Hawaii, period.
  • Kaanapali has nice sand, not like those rocky shorelines you find in the South of France and the rest of the Mediterranean.
  • All beaches in Hawaii are public beaches. In the South of France, you must pay for a room at a swank hotel before you can go to their fancy but rocky beaches.
  • People speak English in Hawaii. It’s part of the US.

I’ve heard that Costa del Sol (Spain) has nice beaches, but if I fly to Europe, I would rather soak up the ambiance, art, and culture instead of the sunshine. And the sand in the Caribbean is nice, but I don’t like places with bars on the windows.

Voila! That leaves me with my favorite beach in the world, Kaanapali.

Best Resorts on Kaanapali Beach

According to the article “The Best Luxury Hotels” at frommers.com, three of their favorite spots on Maui are along Kaanapali Beach:

  • Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa
  • Sheraton Maui Resort (at Black Rock)
  • Kaanapali Alii (condos)

If I won the lottery, I would stay at the Hyatt on Kaanapali for three months yearly. This hotel is situated at the southernmost end of the Kaanapali Beachwalk. Their landscaping is a maze of beautiful gardens, Asian sculptures, and swimming pools with waterfalls. The Hyatt is a tropical sanctuary away from the cares of the world. Well, all of Maui is a sanctuary.

Luxury Resorts on Maui

The frommers.com article mentioned above recommends several other hotels. One of them is the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. The beach at Kapalua is beautiful, but I think of the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua as more of a golf resort. And it feels a bit secluded. That’s just my opinion.

I love Wailea. But, all of Wailea is like a well-manicured Pebble Beach where I feel totally out of my league. While I get along with everyone in every class, I know where I feel at home. If you are seeking the Beverly Hills of Maui, you might like:

  • The Fairmont Kea Lani (Wailea)
  • The Four Seasons Wailea
  • The Grand Wailea

I’m just a down-to-earth (former) local girl looking for a nice beach with a good mix of friendly people. I don’t like to pay extra to have the personnel bow and scrape to me.

Hotels on Main Kaanapali Beach

I will admit that I am biased. I like the main part of Kaanapali Beach more than North Kaanapali Beach because the southern beach has more people, stores, and things going on. Kaanapali will never be crowded like Waikiki (thank God), but I like to see kids and old people, newly married honeymooners, and some locals out having a good time, soaking up the rays. Hotel employees are friendlier on Maui than on Oahu (especially at Kaanapali Beach Hotel) because they aren’t so burnt out by the overwhelming barrage of demanding Haole tourists. Waikiki is a zoo.

Best Hotels on Kaanapali Beach

All the hotels on Kaanapali Beach are the best. And that’s because Kaanapali hotels have the best employees (biased opinion), and they have the Kaanapali Beachwalk, which links all of the hotels into one friendly neighborhood. If money were no object, my list of best hotels and accommodations on Kaanapali Beach would probably go like this:

  • Hyatt Regency Maui (gorgeous grounds)
  • Sheraton at Black Rock (updated, beautiful site)
  • Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club (nice water play area for kids)
  • Ka’anapali Alii (fancy condos, good surfing in front)
  • Westin Maui
  • Whaler on Kaanapali Beach (older condos, great location)
  • Kaanapali Beach Hotel (older, budget hotel, price is right, on the right beach, the grounds are beautiful, updated room would rank higher)
  • Honua Kai (a newer, nicer place, but further from the action because it is at the far end of Kaanapali North Beach)
  • Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort (Kaanapali North Beach)
  • Royal Lahaina (older hotel, Kaanapali North Beach)

I know that everyone likes something different. You may be looking for a cheaper hotel or cheaper condo rental, in which case you should be checking out Kihei or some other part of the island. If you like newer resorts, look at North Kaanapali Beach or upscale spots like the Ritz-Carlton or Wailea resorts. I love Kaanapali. It’s Maui’s laid-back local version of Waikiki. You might not agree with my choices, but I always give honest opinions.