North Cyprus Unveiled

North Cyprus Unveiled: A Paradise of Culture and Scenic Wonders

Discovering the Beauty of Northern Cyprus

The northern coast of Cyprus is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The island’s natural beauty, soft climate, mountains, palm trees, hospitality, and generosity of people make North Cyprus an attractive and desirable place. There is warm hospitality, polite people, and a general atmosphere of pleasure of living here.

Exploring Nicosia

The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. Almost all the main sights are in the city’s Turkish part. There are places of special interest for tourists in Cyprus Vacations. These are Kyrenia Gate, built in the 16 century; the Archaeological Museum, The Selimiye Mosque; Venetian Column & Ataturk Square, The Mevlevi Tekke Museum; Bedesten: The Saint Nicholas Church, The Arap Ahmet Mosque.

Cyprus Holidays in Turkish Baths

Can you imagine Cyprus Holidays in Turkish baths Big-Han? Baths work daily on the ruins of an old fortress; that is an interesting fact. Another ancient city, Morphu, is set up to the west of Nicosia. Orange Festivals are held regularly here. Orange Festival provides the best opportunity to taste the world-famous North Cyprus oranges. In vicinities are antique city Soli and Vouni Palace – dating back to 5 century B.C.

Kyrenia: A Coastal Gem of History and Culture

The second-largest city is Kyrenia. Kyrenia is the main resort of North Cyprus. It is a very old city, one of the most interesting in Northern Cyprus. Kyrenia is famous for The Bellapais MonasteryKyrenia Castle, Saint Magar Monastery, and Buffavento Castle. Icon Museum, situated in Archangel Michael’s Church, is very interesting. A special interest for tourists is the Museum of the sunken ship. In clear weather, it is possible to see even from the board of the plane a dark silhouette of the huge ship appearing through the thickness of water…

Exploring the Surroundings of Kyrenia

In the vicinities of Kyrenia, the Saint Hilarion Castle can be found. The castle impresses both with its size and the tremendous views opening from its walls. It is possible to climb up the top and admire the magnificent landscapes of Kyrenia, its coasts, and a considerable part of the island. To the southeast from Kyrenia in Bellapais Abbey, one can admire the first Catholic Monastery built by Augustinian monks. This site is not only an ancient monument but where musical festivals are held regularly. Every year, from the 1st to the 20th of May, International Spring Concerts occur here. This is the performance one should certainly attend. Right after that, the International Bellapais Music Festival starts and lasts until the 24th of June. In the Kyrenia district, most casinos in North Cyprus are concentrated. But the favorite place of tourists and residents is a bay called” Old Marina “where you can find a nice restaurant with a wonderful view of the Mediterranean, and then it would be great to make a sea voyage aboard a yacht.

Journey from Kyrenia to Famagusta

The road from Kyrenia to Famagusta is very picturesque; it goes through a mountain crossed by Five Fingers Mountains. The Heart of Famagusta is named the Old City. Here, trengthening, bastions, and towers were superbly kept.

One of the towers carries the name of Othello’s Tower because there once lived the Venetian deputies, and there was Ortstoforo Moro among them. He became the prototype for Shakespeare’s character Othello.

Exploring Famagusta

Famagusta in North Cyprus will present many other beautiful places to be visited, such as The Apostolos Andreas Monastery, Greek St. George Church, Kantara Castle, Open Air Museum, where you can be familiar with the ancient history of Northern Cyprus, Sinan Pasa Mosque- the church had been built by a Nestorian Christian, The St.Barnabas Monastery, Karpaz Peninsula – lovely place for visitors who can look at the 6th Century mosaics of the early Christian history. The coast of Famagusta consists of golden beaches with waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ancient Settlements and Culture

Six kilometers north of Famagusta, there is an ancient settlement – the city of Salamis. According to the legend, in ancient times, this small town was the capital of Cyprus. Next to Salamis, there is one more ancient settlement, Engomi (Alasia). On the border with Cyprus, there is a dead city to the south of Famagusta. It is a suburb of Famagusta-Varosha.

Various civilizations populated Cyprus during the last two thousand years, which have left a trace in culture. History lives everywhere; each civilization has contributed to the beauty and architecture of modern Northern Cyprus. The only thing is obvious- – everybody should visit this place!

The Growing Tourist Industry

The tourist industry of the Turkish Republic and North Cyprus developed quickly. Hotel prices are not high, and much cheaper rooms can be found in Cyprus Holiday Village. More and more new hotels open their doors to the guests every season.

Fashionable interior design, various cuisines, and excellent service distinguish them.

Endless Leisure Activities

You will have an unforgettable rest full of different entertainments such as show programs, discos, game halls, and visiting antique ruins of the 13th century. Northern Cyprus has many interesting and beautiful places for all tastes and ages. Some of the best hotels in North Cyprus are reserved completely in February. One can enjoy the purest Mediterranean Sea and the picturesque beaches stretching for many kilometers. Some beaches also offer active leisure on water, for example, a water ski, trips on bananas, surfing, and scuba diving with an aqualung.

Those who are fond of fishing also prefer to travel to Cyprus. They can catch not only fish but also octopuses. Skilled fishermen will choose the necessary equipment for you and teach you to catch these mysterious sea inhabitants.