Finland Travel Guide

Finland Travel Guide

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Are you just dying to travel to a place with open space, clean air, exciting cultural festivities, and endlessly adventurous activities? Finland is the travel destination you’re looking for! The seasonal changes in Finland and the glorious natural landscape make for some ideal travel experiences. Today, it’s easier than ever to travel to Finland with a huge selection of Finland travel packages and Finland Travel tour operators.

You may be asking yourself what traveling to Finland is really like. Or what are the people of Finland like, and how do they treat foreign travelers? How do the people of Finland live their daily lives, what’s everyday life like, and what should a traveler know about them? Here is where you’ll get those questions answered, along with all the tips you need to travel to Finland the right way.

The summers in Finland come to life with crowds of travelers and vivid international festivals of the performing arts. Then, the winters in Finland are an all-out sporting event featuring every imaginable winter sport right outside the adventure traveler’s front door! Year-round, you can travel to the forests of Finland that roll on as far as the eye can see, meet the traveler-friendly people of Finland everywhere you turn, and behold the natural splendor of Finland open for all travelers to fully experience.

Finland is best known by savvy international travelers for its peaceful landscape and great gifts of Mother Nature. Travel the endless forests of Finland, the rare archipelago that must be seen to be believed, and thousands of lakes. Finland is the mystic country of the north and, simultaneously, a modern Nordic country making technological advances and travel accommodations.

The architecture of Finland is unique and a great travel highlight. Finnish architecture gets its inspiration from its natural environment, a palate of rich traveling forests and lakes, as do the cultural festivals of Finland, which celebrate the traveling of the seasons with mouth-watering Finnish cuisine and travel-friendly celebrations throughout the countryside.

Finland transforms into a winter wonderland for travelers and then into the endless summer paradise of the north, where nights are warm and welcoming. The people of Finland regard themselves and all who travel there as equals, with mutual respect under one democracy. Equality in Finland is held in higher regard than cultural hierarchy. Doesn’t that sound refreshing? It’s time to travel to Finland to experience all its adventures and cultural delights.

Finland Guide

Finland is one of Europe’s largest and most amazing countries, situated in its northern part and bordering Sweden on the west, Norway on the north, and Russia on the east. Being a part of Sweden and an autonomous Grand Duchy under Russian rule, Finland gained independence in 1971.

Finish and Swedish are the official languages of the country. Finland is a country of lakes and islands; about half of the country is covered by forests. Imagine what a breathtaking natural beauty you can find here. Finland is also famous for its saunas; you will find 1.8 million saunas in Finland. Sport enthusiasts can make Finland their destination; winter sports activities will attract you here.

Finnish landscape in its original form reminds of a forest; two-thirds of the country’s area is covered by forests, one-tenth by water, while the marine shoreline in Finland is about 1,000 kilometers.

The nature of Finland is changing significantly when moving from south to north. The nature of South and Central Finland is mostly hilly, covered with forests and lakes area; meanwhile, in the northern part, because of the strong dissection, coastal lines formed many small rocky skerries. Accordingly, the climate is significantly different in the northern and southern parts of the country.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland; among other big cities are Tampere and Turku. Helsinki is quite a dynamic city and is considered to be the cultural center of Finland. There are a lot of museums and art galleries in the city of Helsinki, and an incredible number of festivals occur annually. Sports enthusiasts can find several sports activities, including hiking, cycling, roller skating, skiing, swimming, and many others, and gourmands can taste Finnish cuisine in several Helsinki restaurants.

Telecommunications, metals, and engineering equipment are major industries in Finland.