Attractions in Israel

The Most Beautiful Attractions in Israel

Over the past 15 years, Israel’s attractions have grown and developed significantly. Dozens of new recreation sites have been added, offering various types of vacation experiences, including attractions for families, children’s attractions, jeep trips, and a wide range of other outdoor and extreme attractions for thrill-seekers. Israel’s attractions can be divided into several major categories:

1. Attractions for children

These are mainly located in the coastal plain near major population centers in the country, and they have a long history. They attract an audience, especially on weekends. You can find a wide selection of children’s attractions in southern Israel, specifically in Eilat, such as Dolphin Reef, Ein Gedi Hot Springs, and many others.

2. Attractions for families

This type of activity is suitable for all family members and can offer several hours of family experiences. Examples of such attractions are Hamat Gader, Manara Cliff, Rosh Hanikra, and many others.

3. Jeep Tours

An old field of attractions in Israel that has evolved in recent years with dozens of companies scattered around the country organizing jeep tours from Eilat to Gush Dan. Most companies have organized a wide range of such activities that combine meals and interesting activities such as night tours and other trips.

4. ATV

ATV trips were among the most popular attractions in Israel ten years ago. For various reasons, this area has mostly disappeared. However, three years ago, demand returned for ATV and tomcars. Today, dozens of companies in the Galilee offer a wide range of excursions at different levels of difficulty.

5. Horseback riding

There are dozens of horse farms combined into farm activities, including riding lessons and horseback riding. A recommended, exceptional riding experience is a ride at sunset along the Mediterranean coast or near the Sea of Galilee. This is undoubtedly one of the most recommended attractions in Israel.

6. Bike tours

In recent years, the population of cyclists in Israel has significantly increased. This domain caught on as the ultimate idea of recreation for people who wish to engage in sports outside the house, who were captivated by the magic of this sport. Following growing demand and public awareness, many companies rose that offer bike tours in different areas. Companies rent out the bike, including the accompanying safety equipment and training.

City of David National Park

The City of David National Park, located near the Western Wall, is one of the most important sites in Israel. Visitors to the City of David will experience an exciting visit following the events and people important to Israel’s history. Here, visitors can go in the waters of the Hezekiah tunnel and see amazing archaeological findings from biblical times, as well as take in breathtaking views of the scenic surroundings of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Hamat Gader

Hamat Gader lies on the bed of the Yarmouk River, near its meeting with the Jordan River. It is a large resort with many attractions, including baths, water slides, ancient sites, a crocodile farm, spa treatments, and vacation packages. The place became famous during the Roman Empire for its great, luxurious baths and healing springs. Hamat Gader is an unforgettable experience for the body and soul!

Manara Cliff

The Manara Cliff cable car is the longest cable car in the country and climbs to a height of 750 meters. It travels from Kiryat Shmona to Kibbutz Manara at the top of the Naftali Ridge. On the cable car ride, you will be able to see the spectacular landscape of the Hula Valley, Mount Hermon, and the Golan Heights. This is a unique experience of clear air and magical landscapes.