Jordan Travel Guide

Jordan Travel Guide: Tips and Recommendations

Nestled between ancient ruins and modern marvels, Jordan is a siren call for globetrotters worldwide. This guide transcends the mundane, weaving a tapestry of tips and recommendations to orchestrate an unforgettable odyssey through this enigmatic land.

Discover the Mystical Petra

At the heart of Jordan’s allure lies Petra, a fabled relic within the embrace of rose-hued precipices. Gaze in awe at this fascinating archaeological masterpiece, a jewel nestled amid the rugged embrace of nature’s grandeur, now celebrated as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Immerse in History at Jerash

Embark on an epoch-spanning journey at Jerash, a vestige of the Roman legacy, often whispered as the “Pompeii of the East.” Here, the ghosts of antiquity echo through the remnants of a once-thriving metropolis as the pages of history unravel.

Float in the Dead Sea

The enigmatic Dead Sea, with its hypnotic hypersaline embrace, invites you to surrender to its buoyant serenity. In its briny depths, the therapeutic embrace of mineral-rich mud baths offers a peculiar rejuvenation, a dance between body and water beneath an eternal sun.

Dive into the Red Sea

Jordan’s slice of the Red Sea presents an aquatic mosaic, an underwater realm where vibrant coral gardens beckon intrepid divers. Plunge beneath the cerulean expanse to encounter an array of marine life, each finned and tentacled wonder painting the sea’s canvas with life.

Savor Authentic Jordanian Cuisine

Indulge your palate in an orchestration of Jordanian flavors: Mansaf, a celebration of culinary tradition; Falafel, a savory ode to street food; and Maqluba, the culinary symphony where ingredients harmonize in Middle Eastern ecstasy, all offering a journey through a world of sensory pleasure.

Getting Around

Traversing Jordan’s intricate tapestry demands dexterity:

Rent a Car

Opt for the freedom of a rental car, a key to unraveling hidden gems, but bear witness to the thrilling choreography of local traffic, a pulsating heartbeat amidst the hustle.

Use Public Transport

Venture through Jordan’s veins via an intricate network of buses and shared taxis, a budget-friendly palette for painting your journey across the canvas of this land.

Guided Tours

Enlist in guided sojourns, led by purveyors of knowledge, to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of Jordan’s chronicles, where time and tales merge into a vivid epic.


Sculpt your abode for the night:

Luxury Resorts

Perch atop luxury resorts, a phalanx overlooking the Dead Sea’s azure sprawl, where luxury meets nature’s majesty, and spas whisper solace to the weary traveler’s soul.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels beckon with their eclectic tales, each abode a testament to local culture, inviting you into the folds of a history-rich narrative.

Budget Hostels

For frugal wayfarers, hostels are the gateways to social synergy, where common quarters become hearths, and journeys are knitted through shared laughter.

Safety and Cultural Tips

In this realm of tradition and respect:

Dress Modestly

Don the shroud of modesty in reverence to Jordan’s conservative grace, and let respect for cultural legacies be the rudder that guides your explorations of sacred sites.

Respect Local Customs

Speak the language of courtesy, introducing yourself with the melodic “As-salaam Alaykum,” and entwine your wanderings with the melodies of local traditions, bridging cultures through goodwill.

Be Aware of the Weather

Bear witness to Jordan’s meteorological gamut, from scorching summer suns to frigid winter chills. The art lies in packing appropriately, safeguarded by sunscreen’s vigilant shield and the elixir of hydration, especially under the blazing summer’s glare.

Exploring the Desert Landscapes

Journey into the desert’s kaleidoscope:

Wadi Rum Adventure

Dive headlong into Wadi Rum’s fabled landscape. Traverse Martian-like vistas in jeeps, meander atop camels, and let the stars be your celestial canopy in this celestial theater.

Visit Dana Biosphere Reserve

The Dana Biosphere Reserve, a biodiversity sanctuary, unveils Jordan’s ecological poetry. Wander the labyrinthine trails of the Dana Nature Reserve for an immersion into the sanctity of nature’s symphony.

Discover the Ancient Desert Castles

Engage with the bygone chapters etched in stone. From Qasr Kharana’s enigma to the frescoed hallways of Qasr Amra, these desert strongholds were once vital waypoints for caravans on arid pilgrimages.


In the enigmatic folds of Jordan, a treasure chest of yesteryears, nature’s elegy, and a tapestry of culture unfurls. This travel compendium, a blend of enigma and insight, will script your vacation into a realm that awaits, with arms wide open, to etch memories across the sands of time.